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The Hemp Now 420 Dude

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*(Apparently I’m Medically Professional)*

We’re that ICU-kid — and still alive… :)

Thanks to scared plants and medicines… and then we dance, you’ve probably met me at a restaurant somewhere, was really good at getting people food and playing music at the same time.

We did a whole bunch of media things too, like being a DIY Model, and writing press releases about the need to legalise Cannabis in South Africa… now we’re legal, so let’s get high and have some fun.

Actually i’m gonna chill for while!

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Just Locals

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The Real EFF

We’re also in the prequel to this documentary, you can see my elbow in the one scene — helped out with media promotions too (Great granddaddy was the first president of the Automobile Association in South Africa; that’s why) …

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Hemp House Building

My mom wrote this book

There’s a whole section on building with hemp… :)

Also, her dad was a bureau chief on a progressive newspaper during apartheid or something, just as a reference for all the journos.

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You can support us both by purchasing a copy of her other book from here…

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Get High Responsibly — Or Respect People Who Get High…

Otherwise, you’re the asshole!

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Know those Local Rules.

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Be Kind with your Weed.

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Don’t be that Asshole.

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Keep your Stash High.

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