CANNABIS: The People's Plant

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There is much argument about what the regulations are, simply they are rules, and all rules need to follow the constitution which is the governing set of laws that guide all other legal practices, if a law or bill is passed that does not adhere to the Bill of Rights then it's Unconstitutional. As such everything beyond our timeline summary above is just noise and irrelevant to your rights ... :)

If you've forgotten or were not involved in the original petition here is what it said:

What the South African people need most of all right now is jobs and houses.

You can create clothing, housing, food, fuel, natural plastics and other locally useful and globally marketable consumer products out of hemp. Which will create jobs, and lots of them.

Our Economy needs all the support it can get…

Hemp is already a multi billion a year industry and growing rapidly. It is no surprise that every developed country cultivates Hemp. Even China, India and The USA recognise the benefit of growing the hemp plant as an essential part of their economic development strategy.

There are many that feel very strongly that sustainability is more than just a concept, it’s a shift in our priorities. And the general consensus is that hemp cultivation is a key action in becoming a truly sustainable planet.

Sustainability is a tangible change…

Hemp is grown organically. It is naturally resistant to most pests so no pesticides or herbicides are required in its cultivation. Best of all though is that the hemp plant has a rapid rate of photosynthesis; which means more oxygen for everyone.

An acre field of hemp can give 4 times more paper than an acre forest trees. And hemp-paper lasts way longer than tree-paper, there is actually hemp paper more than 1,500 years old which has been found. Hemp paper can also be recycled more times than wood-based paper. Also, hemp grows in about 3 to 4 months, were-as trees take over 20 years to reach a size worth destroying.

It’s a great idea to Grow Hemp Now…

GROWING HEMP NOW will provide solutions to many of South Africa’s critical issues. It will create lot’s of good green jobs, nourish and clothe people, allow access to an essential health supplement, provide renewable resources to build houses and reduce our dependence on increasingly scarce forest products.

Much Gratitude!


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